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What Alain Vigneault will bring to the Rangers...

I cannot hide it. I must say I am impressed and fully excited for the next season with Alain Vigneault as our new coach. This was the equivalent of a big free agent signing. Change was needed for so many reasons, and like Sather said "We got the right guy".

Advanced Stats-
Head coaches hes worked for and coached against alongside his bosses and assistants have talked exclusively about A.V and his passion for stats and film. I think its crucial to be a student of the game, studying all aspects of it and finding anyway to make you and your team better. Film and stats is a way to go, something Torts was not a huge fan of. Only in the last 2 seasons did Torts start using film and it was more to pick on his own players issues than to change game plans and what not. A.V will do a lot of his own HW on his team but even more on his enemies and this will give us a better leader.

Though he is known for his zone matching, it was the advanced stats that the Vancouver organization developed that allowed his system to truly shine. According to the recent press conference, A.V will implement advanced stats into the NYR the same way Vancouver did it. This will greatly feed into his Zone Matching which is basically his ability to choose which line to go out at certain situations. Rather than leaving it out to gut feelings... hes applied stats to it. Thats all, simple. Shocked more teams dont fall into it. A lot of work I assume.

A.V will have several assistants on board. Torts only wanted 1 guy, Mike Sullivan. Who honestly didnt do a very good job on his main responsibilities... Improve the PP. He only made it worse.

A.V wants NHL experienced assistants. 2 on the bench, 1 goalie and 1 in the suites. Not really uncommon, but different. I think a team like the Rangers who have so much money should have always done this. I know too many voices can be an issue, but it doesnt have to be if there A.V is as good of a coach as many proclaim.

I particularly love the suite coach. Have never heard that really in the NHL (could be wrong). You have guys to assist you during the play but always another view of things. Really like that. A.V looks open to criticism so its good to hear.

Torts was a good coach, dont get me wrong. But I like A.V ideology. Watched a few Vancouver highlights. They move the puck fast, they move diligently without it. He allows defenders to track up and help the forwards. Good, I like team game. Should bold well for guys like Moore, McDonagh and Del Zotto.

Under Torts. The team played to much north and south. Never really moved the puck as a team. Or at least inconsistently. Dumped, which is fine, but no much chasing. A.V will focus on 5 man units. Rather than 3 forwards and 2 D.

The team is very similar too to his Canucks roster. I think probably even more disciplined though, and even more balanced. Callahan is similar to Kesler. Nash is similar to Daniel Sedin. Brassard to Burrows. Staal/McDonagh to Edler. He is use to the Swedes too.

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