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Originally Posted by Perfect_Drug View Post
Max system specs for Crysis 2.

3 miiight be a big different, but I can't find anything except bull-shots.
(Actual comparisons of in-game WITH the actual UI there and aren't heavily photoshopped).


Truth is (I am working on a next-gen title), the returns are VERY diminishing. Polycount and texture space were hardly a problem during most 360/PS3 games I've worked on. So cranking that up really does yield diminishing returns.

The BIG thing next-gen offers is true 1080p... which is really only detectable in a side by side comparison on televisions that are over 50". So once again a negligible return for 400% rendering.

I mean some of the stuff is: Do you think consumers can tell the difference between REALTIME Global illumination? over how artists fake it? I mean sure to a few people that really nitpick and take a look at images side by side, they might be able to point out a few things here n' there, but truth be told, it's MILLIONS of dollars being spent on tech that nobody really sees.

Not to mention the BIGGEST issue of them all:

There simply are not good enough artists right now to make ample use of the tech. There's an immense talent drain in this industry. I don't mean the 342453242 kids that want to break into the industry. I mean there is a massive drought in seasoned artists that are actually capable. (Outsourcing delivers very questionable results, yet we are relying on them more and more to deliver assets on budget).
While I don't doubt theres a lack of seasoned talents in the gaming industry, I do wonder if thats the result of a highly volatile industry with a high turnover rate. In addition, it seems like quality control in games have gone down since you can now update games in patches online. Infact, its almost like you can release an unfinished game and finish it later through patches.

As your a person in the gaming industry, what do you think about the decrease in quality control (atleast as seen from a consumer)? I figure alot of it has to do with budgets and spending a large amount on making the best eye candy, as alot of new games tend to be pretty, but not very fun to play now.

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