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Originally Posted by abootzky View Post
Thanks for enlightening me Replacement. I better cancel my season tickets and burn my jersey asap.

Then again maybe I'll wait to see how the team actually looks on the field once the regular season gets going.
I've demonstrated exactly why I think what I stated and in detail. Do you argue the points?

We have less promising personnel on offense then we had going into last season. Again to recap, No Bowman, no Messam, no Boyd(0btained later but anyway) and No Carr (who is a good receiver and was underrated here) Do you seriously think we have better personnel on offense now? As a couple of people have mentioned we have no guarantee of what we will look like at QB either.

I have huge concerns with this offense, the schemes, and the micromanaging coach running things.

They say the definition of crazy is ****ing up and then doing the same thing all over again repeatedly and expect a different result. Kind of the way I look at the esks these days.

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