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06-21-2013, 03:05 PM
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Judging by his interviews Dave Nonis does not seem like a GM who is desperate to acquire a goalie. Going into next season there is no question that Reimer would be the #1 goalie even if the Leafs acquired Bernier. It would be up to Bernier to steal the #1 job from Reimer. I could understand Nonis wanting to trade for Bernier as he has very high potential and a potential 1a, 1b goalie situation with Reimer & Bernier competing with each other and pushing each other for the starting job would be fantastic.

I can't, however, see Nonis giving up a lot more than Frattin for Bernier. If anything, Frattin and a 2nd round pick. I highly doubt Frattin and a 1st round pick will be moved. I also doubt any of the Leafs better wingers (JvR, Kessel, Kulemin, Lupul) will be moved.

Don't get your hopes up with what's being reported by a less than credible source. For all we know, the Leafs original offer was Frattin for Bernier and a 3rd round pick and now the Leafs have raised their offer to Frattin for Bernier straight up.

We have absolutely no idea how Bernier or Frattin is valued by these GM's. We can speculate that Lombardi likes Frattin as he saw him play a lot in the NCAA and apparently tried to trade for him last deadline. He also fills a role the Kings need so he makes sense obviously. All I'm saying is, don't be disappointed if Bernier is traded straight up for Frattin, or a pick lower than a 1st.

Edit: Frattin is currently a very strong forechecker and has an excellent shot. He can gain the zone very well but has tunnel vision so don't expect many plays to be created by his vision. He's not a great defensive player but he's young. Great north/south speed and understands his position is along the wing. An extremely low center of gravity, he can hit like a train.

If you want Frattin to produce offensively he needs to be with a playmaking center. He compliments a play making center perfectly because of his goal scoring instincts. He has excellent chemistry with Kadri in the NHL & AHL and with Colborne in the AHL. If he doesn't have chemistry with his line mates he will still forecheck well obviously but won't play up to his potential.

If you were to take Jeff Carter, make him 5'11 and slightly more physical but without the defensive play Carter possess you would have Frattin. Currently a 3rd liner but I could certainly potting 30 goals a few years.

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