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06-21-2013, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
hey I was trying for hope. People know my take on RR. I do honestly feel the trade was a wake up call for Ricky. What kind of pissed me off is I don't think he would've played as well here. I saw a differnt, much more competive RR in the last several games last year.

When does anybody ever remember Ray in a playoff game here scampering for a TD and doing a selly and spiking the ball down in the endzone? That was a little surreal. To put it mildly uncharacteristic. I don't know that I'd seen ray that pumped in a game in several years.

But I could be bat**** crazy.
That is what happens when you have crap GMs that can't build a team around him. He'd have been pumped here too if he had any chance to win. As pissed as I was about the trade, I am happy for Ray. It's good that he got out of that gong show. Plus, if he brings a couple more Grey Cups to TO, he'll go down as one of the CFL all-time greats, which is how I see him.

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