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Originally Posted by colton23 View Post
my 04 synergy just broke and i need some opinions and info on which shaft/blade are the best
I favor high fast wristers form in close and am very good at deking
also what curve would be best I had a yzerman and it was pretty good
If you want to go into the shaft/blade combo, you might want to check out the tapered shafts. A lot of one piece sticks (like the '04 Synergy) are really tapered shaft/blade permanently bonded together. So in theory, the tapered shaft/blade would provide the same sort of performance while letting you replace the blade.

Only drawback is that there isn't as great a selection for tapered replacement blades. Basically stuck paying $50+ for a composite blade or $25 for a wood blade, no real middle ground.

Each company has a version of a tapered shaft:

Easton: Synthesis, Synergy II
CCM: 10.0
Warrior: Dolomite
Mission: L-2

Bauer had an XV shaft which was discontinued. Louisville has a couple as well.

A standard shaft + composite blade will have similar weight to a one piece, but you may notice less of a kick in your shot. But for a lot of people, the difference is negligible. And standard blades come in greater variety. The "top" shafts from each company:

Easton: Cyclone, Ultra Lite, Z-Bubble
CCM: 8.0, V110, V120
Warrior: AK27
Mission: M-2, Ion

What flex are you using? Not sure if any of us can really recommend sticks, since it's all personal preference and/or experience. Ie, if somebody dropped $150 on a Synergy SL only to have it break 2 weeks later in warmups, they might swear off that stick/brand forever.

Originally Posted by JM47
gaborik is now the yzerman curve.
Gaborik was the Yzerman but with a lower lie (6 vs 5.5). Unless I'm mistaken, Easton dropped the Gaborik and went back with the Yzerman last year.

CCM's Thornton curve is an Yzerman clone as well.

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