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Originally Posted by showstopper99 View Post
Yes TB/Boston is two markets, but we're talking about the NEw York area. Which is pretty huge. I think it's a mixture of both. When it comes to the pros and cons of New York as a "hockey" town. Do like the signing of Vigneualt. I think that will bode well for the how the Rangers play hockey.

I hope New York can boom into a huge hockey market. Cause we won't be getting Chicago, Boston in the finals every year.
Boston wasn't a hockey boon in 2010 and even 2011 until they won the cup. Chicago was half of what it is now in 2010. Do you really think it is fair to judge the Rangers based on their recent record compared to two cup champs and contenders?

If so...go back to 1994 and tell me how NY was getting top ratings and had a Yankee like following so big...the angle was at its peak.

It is so ignorant and wrong, just wrong, of you haters and teenagers to dismiss New York as not being a great hockey market and a national following based on them vs. current Boston and Chicago...if the Rangers had the run the hawks or bruins had....and the bruins and hawks had the past five seasons the rangers had....tell me then whose the popular needle mover.

Oh wait...I remember 1994

Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Hawks didn't even show home games on TV until starting in 2008 (Unless you call that joke PPV experiment Wirtz tried that lasted very briefly TV coverage)

So using ratings to judge Hawks fans during that era is a bit absurd
Just like using ranger ratings now to judge them compared to the current hawks and bruins is also absurd....even more when you totally disregard what the Rangers ratings were...what the NHL 1994

Originally Posted by showstopper99 View Post
TB/Boston. Tampa is a sunbelt team. You would think the NJ/New York would galvanize that area. Especially, no Knicks during that time. Yes it went 7 games, but if you averaged out both 6 game series. Boston/TB wins still......I believe. I'm not going to say New York is a great hockey, but I won't say its bad. It's just it leaves a little left to be desired at times........
Dude...two NY teams of whom is a boring suburb team with no following....that has much less national appeal. Yankees mets World Series had low ratings...for the same I guess ny isn't a great baseball town.

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