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Not to beat a dead horse but...

Originally Posted by Crease View Post
This is not an attempt to show you how much better Johnson was than Park in the regular season. This is an attempt to show you how close they were.

Then when you factor in playoff performance/success and longevity, it tilts clearly in Johnson's favor.
But when you factor in offense, it tilts back in Park’s favor. Park was the far superior all-around player. If you were able to transport Park back in time to Johnson’s era, I don’t believe Park takes a back seat to Johnson at all.

Originally Posted by Greg02 View Post
Adjust the points, and it becomes 358 for Park as compared to 229 for Johnson. Points have to be adjusted when you're comparing eras like that.
Adjusted points are fine for trying to illustrate how players from a prior era compare against each other with an illustration that modern day fans can understand but using them to compare players from different eras is worthless because you’re just artificially inflating the stats of the player from the lower scoring era.

Originally Posted by Greg02 View Post
Park's offensive superiority should, in my opinion, be viewed within context of the fact that defensemen weren't expected to provide as much offense during Johnson's time.
Although there are a few reasons for the lesser scoring, I think one of them is the lack of skilled defenseman of that era, whether from a talent level or training level. In any event, I believe if players could score at a more prolific pace, they would have. Just look at Eddie Shore. In Shore’s 4 best scoring seasons he scored 31, 31, 33 and 35 points. In Johnson’s 4 best scoring seasons he scored 8, 13, 16 and 17 points.

Originally Posted by Greg02 View Post
The fact of the matter is, Brad Park does not have a season that can match Ching Johnson's 1931-1932 campaign.
And Johnson never had a season like Park’s 1973-74 season, where park scored 82 points in 78 games and 12 points in 13 playoff games…along with a strong physical defensive game.

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