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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Only in your narrow view of the word.
In the real world, defense is about positioning, pressure, controlling lanes and controlling the puck itself.
All of these things, except perhaps the last one can be primarily viewed as defensive attributes when isloated on their own.

Controlling the puck, in and of itself, isn't defensive in nature it's first and foremost an offensive part of the game. Kent Nilsson could control the puck, it doesn't make him a defensive player. Dido Coffey or Housley.

Again, not in your narrow view. Just because neither of them were very avid backcheckers, that doesn't mean they were poor defensively.
Backchecking is only a part of playing defense. Unfortunately, it's the most noticeable part and the part that far too many people (like yourself) associate with defense and put too much weight to.
I like to look at the totality of any player when making my evaluations about him. See Dats below.

But hey, by all means tell me what it is that Datsyuk does that makes him stand out defensively every season?
Is it because he backchecks? Sure but almost everyone backchecks today.
Is it because he's good positionally? For sure but again, a lot of players are good positionally.
Does he control lanes? Yep, Once again though, many players do this.
Or is it because he's one of the best forecheckers in the game and one of the top puck possession players in the league? Bingo!!!
It's the fact that he does all of these things and his puck possession is still more of an offensive attribute than a defensive one.

Maybe you are buying the Gilbert Perreault argument of "the best defense is a great offense" here too much?

Man this is really revisionist, go back to the prime of either guys career and ask the question, "who are the top defensive forwards in the league" and there would be 50 plus guys talked about before either Wayne or Mario would come up, especially Mario.

Mario was alot of things but he wasn't a good defensive forward. Period.

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