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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Offence and defence are connected in the same fashion as exhaling and inhaling. They go together. There is no primary focus. Taking faceoffs is the same skill regardless of the zone or situation so obviously the focus issue does not exist for faceoffs. Players focus equally for all faceoffs.
actually the goal in the offensive zone is to win the FO cleanly to generate possession and a scoring chance while in the defensive zone "winning" isn't as important as the stopping the other team from winning cleanly is just as good, so a battle for the puck, or a tie, in the face off dot is good as well.

Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux are recognized for their talents in the offensive zone. This overlooks their defensive skills in the offensive zone. Both had the ability to hold the puck longer waiting for the exact moment to execute. Why did they hold the puck so long? Answer is very basic, they recognized the defensive liabilities of moving the puck earlier. Again you cannot separate offence and defence according to focus in such situations.
This is creative but hardly true, both players held onto the puck to wait for better scoring opportunities first and foremost.

Neutral zone / defensive zone. On the puck both were very hard to beat one on one. Away from the puck both had the ability to go where the puck was going to be. This ability is evidenced in the high SH goal totals for each. Two issues remain about both in the defensive zone. The team defenses used - both were suited to non-traditional defenses - one forward(preferably) a center responsible for the two points. Protecting the downside. No point in taking the risks involved in blocking shots or having them trapped out of the play.
If playing offense and defense were truly 'connected in the same fashion as exhaling and inhaling" we would see this correlation throughout time and we simply don't.

Plain and simple the overall defensive play of forwards was much less in the 80's than say post mid 90's.

All one has to do is simply watch virtually nay game from the 2 different time periods.

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