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06-22-2013, 02:22 AM
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I always find it hard to judge defensive play but I always saw it as Emelin covering for Markov.

How many times did you see Markov let Emelin or instruct Emelin to get to a loose puck?

Emelin makes some bad blind passes or bad clearing attempts at times but his pros outweigh his cons by a pretty big margin IMO. Plays with a lot of heart and can make some damn right heroic defensive plays every now and then. Mobile, good with the puck.

The only thing I'm worried about is if he turns into Komisarek after being emasculated by Lucic.

Also him fighting is borderline stupid but its also pretty awesome even though he's not particularly good at it. I still can't believe he went with Chara. Saying that took cajones is the biggest understatement ever.

We'll see how he plays this year but so far so good IMO.

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