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06-22-2013, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by HedMonster 77 View Post
I'm trying to say that we need a different type of player than Drouin to change how the team plays, Drouin does not bring another type of play he's like Marty.
I haven't watched Valery that much, but he reminds me of Ovechkin - he sees point A and does whatever he can to go there, he is emotional, electrifying, can intimidate people, can hit people and he is big and has skills.
I would take Valery because he is simply the player i would enjoy watching the most.
With a few exceptions, a single player one way or the other isn't going to determine how a team plays. It seems like you're insinuating that we can't win with a Marty type player, but 2004 and 2011 should show you that's not the case. I don't think the team needs a radical identity shift, as much as it needs some fine tuning. They need to play as a five man unit on both sides of the ice, no matter who we pick.

Also, let's face it... our D needs some work. In 2011 it wasn't the deepest group, but we did have three pairings that we could count on to do their jobs, while now, if Hedman isn't on the ice, we're in trouble. Part of that is mentality, but part of it is personnel as well.

And I'm not sold on the individual electric forward type... especially since the comparison between Ovi and Nichushkin pretty much stop at Russian. Nichushkin is a Nash clone, not an Ovi clone... and I've never been too impressed with Nash.

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