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Originally Posted by Will Hunting View Post
I donīt even have words for this awful proposal. Pittsburgh is fleeced here like crazy. One of the worst ever. Just close this thread, Bruins fans have seen Letang playing bad in 4 games and suddenly they think heīs a scrub, we certainly donīt need more discussions between BOS and PIT fanbases. I will repeat it again, this is a laughable value for Letang. Heīs the most underrated player on this forums.
You don't seem to get it. Most of us have seen a lot more than 4 games of Letang. The Penguins seem like they are on national television more than any other team and I live in Pittsburgh, I go to Penguins games, I watch Letang all the time.

Letang makes mistakes all the time, they are just magnified in the playoffs. He is what he is, a very good player who is great at moving the puck and makes big mistakes defensively with regularity. He doesn't suck, not one person thinks he is a scrub, he does not fit in Boston's system and they can't fit what his cap hit will be after next year without sacrificing somewhere else. Besides all that Dougie Hamilton already looks like a 40-50 point defenseman with defensive deficiencies and he is still learning. He stands a chance to be every bit as good as Letang in a few years and the Bruins can wait.

I will go over it again

1. His cap hit will be too high after next season, it could be $8 million

2.He doesn't fit in the Bruins system, Hamilton is sitting in the playoffs because of his defensive game, he already is an NHL caliber puck moving D but that is not what the Bruins system calls for. Every player has to be defensively responsible.

3. His cap hit will be too high

4. and finally his cap hit will be too high.

The Bruins wouldn't trade for him for the same reason Pittsburgh may consider trading him, his cap hit will be too high after next season and he is not worth spending $8 million on.

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