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Originally Posted by Chief View Post
And Johnson never had a season like Park’s 1973-74 season, where park scored 82 points in 78 games and 12 points in 13 playoff games…along with a strong physical defensive game.
Johnson also never had a season like Mike Green's 2008-09 season, where Green scored 73 points in 68 games and 9 points in 14 playoff games. But, again, comparing raw numbers across eras is not indicative of who was the better player.

If Johnson stepped into the NHL in 1973, he would be annihilated. He loses his size advantage, he's at least a step slower, and probably spends half his games in the box. Conversely, drop Park into the NHL in 1931 and he skates by everyone while probably being the only player who can take an accurate slapshot. Obviously the game evolves over time. Coaches and training become more advanced. But you cannot discredit someone for being born when they were. The fairest way to compare players across different eras IMO is to compare how they did against their peers.

That being said, no one refutes that Park was a better offensively than Johnson was, even after adjusting for scoring tendencies of their own era. They played two completely different styles.

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