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06-22-2013, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
That was a well-thought out post until the little bit of snwrkiness at the end.

One point:

Gaining the zone is more of an individual talent thing than a strategy. It is why guys like Kovalev were so valuable. When someone can skate like that and carry the puck like that, the other team is forced onto their heels, allowing a player like that to gain the offensive zone. Talented puck carriers are sorely lacking on this team. There are a couple of decent ones, but it is a team weakness.

Again, since you and everyone else saw a strategical weakness, don't you think Torts saw it? It definitely makes a difference whether or not Torts screwed up or the players did becaus we are discussing terminating the coach.

I will try and watch games and use reason going forward so I can keep pace with the more knowledgeable posters.
Wasn't intended to be snarky.

Do I think Tortorella saw it? Maybe. Whether he saw it or not wasnt the only issue. It's only partially about recognition. It's also about addressing issues effectively. One of the two didn't happen and it doesn't matter to me much which one it really was.

Gaining the zone is definitely about skill, but it's also about strategy and making the right choices. If your guys are making the wrong choices, then you need to drill the right ones into them. If they make the right choices, but it still isn't effective, then you need to adjust your strategy. Both fall to the coach. Again, doesn't matter much to me which one was the problem. Both speak to the coach's effectiveness.

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