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10-16-2006, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by 5 man unit View Post
I started the thread, and I don't think I overreacted at all
I gave my opinion, which is obviously in the minority. I simply thought the change in rankings were MUCH too big for one week, and that they were once again overeacting to 1 good week by the leafs.

I still think I'm right and they (and most of you) are wrong. But it's just an opinion.

I agree with you, but the leafs should be near us though, they have played way better than i expected them too. But 10 spots? this tells me that their rankings arent very accurate, if they were that far off last week. The lost to us and still they are ahead of us and after moving up 10 spots?

at best they should have moved up 6-7 spots max

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