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06-22-2013, 10:30 AM
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Poile is a good guy. Some GMs look at this as strictly business, and some fans are OK with that. It is a business after all. There is nothing wrong with that attitude unless you actively try to screw people over for personal gain or because of a vendetta. Poile, though, probably knows the return he can get for SK right now isn't worth putting the kid through more unhappiness when he has the chance to go to the KHL and be happier.

That's just speculation on my part, but I genuinely think Poile tries to do right by his players. Even if he can't get much of a return, it could benefit the team in other ways. SK had a great season for us in 2010-2011, and a pretty decent one in 2011-2012. Last year he just seemed disinterested. That could have been an off year, or it could have been him simply being unhappy and unable to be motivated by anything. I've been there before. Unhappiness can make a person go from enjoying something deeply to not caring at all.

The bottom line is this is a team sport. Teams who are successful have players who all buy into the philosophy of being a team. When a member of the team, especially one being paid $3m, is not buying in it disrupts the entire unit. Regardless of the reason, if SK doesn't belong here he doesn't belong here.

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