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Originally Posted by kelmitchell View Post
Esche and leighton won us playoff series not just 1 if you didn't think hextall was a good goalie you sir are a complete idiot idc if they ban me for saying that esche was a great goalie got screwed over by a horrible situation, hackett yeah idk what the hell we thought with that Burke and van veimsbroki know I spelled that wrong but they played pretty damn decent at times really good bryz has just been God awful none of those guys have let in that many soft goals in their careers!! (Exaggeration of course but still) I'm just frustrated with the fact his cap hit is so high and they know they can get a goalie to play just as bad if not better for about 4.8 million less a year
Re: Hextall, I was trying (and probably failed) to show that the numbers don't give a full picture. He is numerically worse over his career. I should have typed "most, including me, would trade Bryzgalov in a microsecond for Hextall in his prime."

And Leighton won 1.5 series, with an asterisk on the series against Montreal, who were about as dominated in all facets of the game as a 3rd-round team gets. Leighton got lit up in the one game where the Flyers eased up on the gas pedal.

There is, however, a pretty good argument that Bryzgalov is possibly the worst goalie for his cap hit. However, that reduces the field considerably to goalies under the cap system (amazing statement of the obvious, there!).

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