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06-22-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
If you control the puck, you control the game PERIOD!

Obviously you don't. Or at least you don't do it equally for every player. You rank Lidstrom over Bourque because of Lidstrom's defense yet at the end of the day Lidstrom has but a slight advantage in his defensive numbers and that's despite Bourque playing the majority of his career during a much higher scoring time (that's right, works both ways boyo).
Even I admit that Lidstrom was a better positionally than Bourque and took less chances but how then is bourque still right there with him I wonder?
Oooohhhhh that's right, that's because Bourque was a superior puck possession player and controlled the ENTIRE game at a level Lidstrom never came close to.

You love to jump on people who cite the eye test. What exactly do you think you are doing with Lidstrom?
You see him making all these great defensive plays and you think hey, this guy is the best ever. Bourque wasn't making as many great defensive plays because HE DIDN'T HAVE TO. He controlled the puck a lot more.

Honestly dude, I could line up 50 coaches from Junior and up and every single one of them would laugh at your statement that puck possession isn't a defensive tool.

Whoa, wait a minute, don't go all extremist here, where did I say Gretzky and Lemieux were good defensively?
I didn't.
They were both poor backcheckers, hence their lane control wasn't always very good but both could play positional defense when needed and did so in the playoffs and in Int tourney's many times over.
They were both extremely good possession players and extremely good forecheckers.

I'm just saying that they were not as poor as you're making out.
Was there ever a time when you said wow, Gretzky looks lost in his own zone? NO, you did not!
Was there ever a time you said wow, Housley looks lost in his own own? Damned right you did!
Was there ever a time when you said wow, Gretzky is in his own zone? Occasionally

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