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06-22-2013, 01:25 PM
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Habs offseason trade and signings

The rumour of Letang being available made me think what would the Habs have to give to get him.

I was thinking of Beaulieu + Eller + Diaz, I would hate to see these 3 guys go as Diaz was awesome before getting injured, Eller was on fire at the end of the season and Beaulieu being our best prospect. But if you want quality you have to give up quality and just imagine the duo of Subban and Letang on the PP.

Each of our defensive pair would combine a PMD and a DFD.


With Tinordi taking more experience into the NHL I would see him being a great complement to Letang.

How Habs gain from this transaction: have 3 defensive pairs that can support the offense.

How Pens gain from this transaction: get a very good 2-way center and a replacement for Letang and allows them to save cap space.

As for the offense the loss of Eller would be huge, if MB could avoid it by sending Collberg/Kristo/Ellis would be great but I doubt Pittsburgh would want. Lucky us, with all the buyouts there will be more quality players available as UFA (Lecavalier, Cole, Havlat) along with other UFA (Iginla, Jagr, Horton). In all of these choice I hope we get our hands on Vinny, he's all of what we need (big, strong, good for faceoff, dedicated to his team) and shouldn't cost more than 4M considering he averages 50 points per season. Iginla, Cole, Jagr and Horton would all be great addition as well because they are big and are really dedicated to their team and fill in a hole on the RW. In the series against Ottawa I felt like the Habs like the physical RW that Cole was last year, I'm sure he'd come back he would be productive just like when he left to Edm and came back to Carolina.

Just imagine the lines..


All the guys added are guys with a strong exactly what MB is looking for. I really think this would fix the Habs need of size and would make them much better in the playoffs.

The end of Markov and Gionta's contract would allow us to sign Subban and Letang long term.

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