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06-22-2013, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by dxgoalie View Post
Everyone knows we are moving a goalie either this summer. The question is who and what will we see in return. I doubt Armstrong moves Allen, he and Bishop were our future options in goaltending and Armstrong chose Allen over Bishop when he traded him to Ottawa. So that leaves Jaro, who is injury plagued, has the higher cap hit, and is great when healthy, or Elliot, who has had stints of great play, but has been inconsistent and hasn't shown that he can be a full time starter since leaving Wisconsin.
And the greater question who/what do we get in return for them?
I don't think that's a foregone conclusion at all. This tandem won the Jennings two years ago, and the Blues traded Bishop (a far more developed/proven player than Binnington or Karpowich) to do it. I'm not sure how much stock they're going to put into one lockout wrecked season's worth of disappointment.

As far as which goalie I would rather keep between Halak and Elliott if forced to choose between them, for me it's Halak and it's not even particularly close. Elliott had one historic season with us, but it's clearly an outlier. Beyond that, Halak's regular season performances (minimum 30 games played) routinely trump Elliott's, and Halak's playoff resume is clearly superior as well.

I'm far from ready to throw Halak under the bus because: 1) He injured/re-injured his groin (an injury notorious for lingering and being slow to heal) during a shortened season. 2) His numbers in the whopping 16 games he played this season were far below his averages.

I think the Blues are in trouble if they're rolling with Elliott/Allen next year.

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