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Originally Posted by Perfect_Drug View Post
The jump from DirectX 7 (PS2) to DirectX 9 (PS3/360) was exponential. It was an astronomical gain that completely changed paradigms about lighting, and shader models.
The jump to fully customizable graphics was significant. Diminishing returns are definitely in effect, but I think you're underselling the impact of IQ and general visual fidelity.

Simply taking Wii games, developed on DX7 equivalent hardware, and rendering them in HD on Dolphin is huge in and of itself.

The jump from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11 is very incremental.
Skyrim from Xbox360 to PC would be a great example of the gains, but it wasn't exactly at the highest end of what was achievable on the Xbox 360.
Almost nothing has been developed on DX11 hardware exclusively. Even games like Crysis 3 were developed with DX9 hardware in mind.

Next-Gen is equivalent to a low/mid gaming PC.
This comparison never works. Consoles are closed boxes; way less overhead. If you tried to install Crysis 3 on a computer with equivalent specs to the Xbox 360, it would laugh at you and explode at the same time.

The jump from 480p to 720p was MASSIVE
The jump from 720p to 1080p is hardly noticeable unless they're compared side by side on a 50" TV.
The untrained eye may not care to see a difference unless they're shown side-by-side, but the difference is massive - especially with when you consider how much aliasing is cleaned up.

Same goes for how a lot of the art is made.
The jump from Faked Global Illumination to Real-time Global illumination probably won't even be noticed, but will have costed millions to implement. Slightly crisper shadows, and maybe a few extra post-processes.

I would LOVE to be proven wrong though.
The biggest gap we're seeing right now is in the rendering of open worlds, physics and general fidelity and IQ. It's enough for even the layman gamer to see the gap.

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