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06-22-2013, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SacredPetra View Post
I also live in an area with no lhs, so I know what a pain it is, but its definitely worth it to find somewhere to try on skates, or even fine a decent pair online at a place that will let you make returns. I know its frowned on here, and I understand and agree with the sentiment, but maybe try in the bauers at your local shop and find a similar pair at a lower price point on line?

Have you considered the Bauer One40 shoulder pads? I had a pretty tight budget when I bought my gear in january, and Hockey Monkey had them for cheaper than the Warriors. I had really wanted those same shoulder pads, but after trying then on, I went with the Bauers because they were lighter and less bulky (it didn't hurt that they were less expensive), and I haven't felt like I'm lacking in protection.
On the shoulder pads, I will look a them again, but I have a broad chest, I chose the Warrior's because of the size fitting with my chest better. (at least just by looking at the sizing chart)

I haven't bought anything yet, but have just been building a cart.


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