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Originally Posted by gstommylee View Post
There isn't going to be changes to MOU unless its guaranteed we are getting a NHL team.
Ya, see, that might be a problem tommy. Cart before the horse. I dont know. Its one thing for the Mayor to tell the potential owners & the league "sure, I'll support the changes to the MOU for an NHL first arena", quite another is it not for all of the rest of the players involved to do so, from Hansen through to various Council members & stake holders? What would be fabulous would be if these guys came in there and just took the Bull by the Horns, promising an arena and anchor NHL tenancy, be it Sodo district or y'know what?, Bellevue, as with the kind of money these guys have, thats also available in Seattle from Id imagine several sources exclusive of Hansen & his partner, very much doable. So if they promised the NHL absolutely, Hansen or no Hansen & no NBA, we'll be building, the NHL would more than likely be good with that promise (in writing of course), ecstatic in fact. Maybe thats already been tabled, just no idea.

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