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Originally Posted by gstommylee View Post
Do you even know the situation seattle is in here. If MOU changes and no NHL team arrives but the NBA team does. Guess what arena isn't going to get built for the NBA team. The fact we are plan B for coyotes only way that happens if there were assurances that the arena will get built. And you or anyone else here has no idea what has been discussed between Seattle, Hansen, NHL group and the NHL to where those assurances that the arena will get built.

Seattle has leverage in regards to any changes to the MOU. NHL has to guarantee us a team either coyotes or expansion before any negotiations for changes can happen. Like i said non of us has anyone of what has been discussed behind closed doors.

Our arena funding depends on the revenue generated by arena. An empty arena with no NBA and/or NHL generates but only other events generates very little. And Seattle was very clear they do not want another white elephant.
I don't agree with you. The mou could have been easily written to read either or. It wasn't, hmm I wonder why? Anyway it supposedly can easily be rewritten to read either NBA or NHL, so why don't they do it?

Edit to add. I see your latest response, so you agree the new arena is far from a certainty.

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