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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
To that end, effort was not an issue last year, talent was.
The effort level was directly related to adversity - they worked hard for stretches in games where they either led or were tied but very often when they fell behind or heavily forechecked in their own end, the effort level freefalled. That lack of mental toughness to work hard for 60 minutes, regardless of the score, led to inconsistent efforts within and between games IMO. Better teams tend to ramp up their work effort when they fall behind or face some adversity (i.e. fluky goal, bad penalty, in-game injury). The Sabres roster got flustered too often and when they did, their energy level and willingness to fight through the adversity dropped.

Of course, a lack of talent only compounded that.

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Players knocking down the opposition and then getting scored on is more entertaining than players standing around watching the other team score on them.
Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
I happen to find physical hockey more entertaining than passive hockey while watching the team I'm rooting for lose. Sue me. Bread and circuses.
Don't worry, Chain - I'll get you the deluxe anniversary edition of "Slapshot" DVD to comfort you this season.

Originally Posted by wearegodawful View Post
For me, it pretty much boils down to the fact that Stafford sucks and Hemsky does not. I wouldn't have a problem taking on the extra 1.5 mil or so in salary for somebody who can actually score on a consistent basis.
Talk to Oiler fans who have watched Hemsky game in and game out - they'll give you the same "he sucks" evaluation as most Sabre fans give for Stafford.

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Hopefully Regier isn't trying to half-ass the rebuild.
The mixed signals in Regier's and Black's words and actions, along with Pegula's lack of clarity on anything hockey-related, makes that concern valid IMO. My gut feeling is that the "suffering" stance was a smokescreen and disclaimer to get the pressure off himself and next year's team - and I very much doubt that behind closed doors any of Pegula, Black or Regier are really accepting the prospect of a weaker roster and another missed playoff.

Originally Posted by gallagt01 View Post
I can't see any teams adding Miller at the deadline.
History has shown that circumstances can easily change during the season, especially from injuries. Teams that have a contending roster and are banking on their own goalies now may find themselves at the deadline with sub-par goaltending and think that a switch may be the spark to get them back on track.

Originally Posted by Thorton02 View Post
The fact that we could have got Burmistov out of WPG for Stafford has me thinking that Drew still has value around the league. My assumption is Regier will try and trade him for someone flying under the radar.
When Regier mentioned Thursday that they're also talking to teams below them in the draft order, I immediately pictured the Sabres showing interest in the Jets' 13th pick as part of some package that might involve Burmistrov-Stafford.

Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
Since we're arguing about Hemsky vs Stafford, it must be said that Drew's shown much more than Paajarvi at this point. Paajarvi came into the league with the same kind of problems everyone should expect Nichushkin to bring. His shot was crap and his offense was predicated on power moves to the net that just aren't there 9 times out of 10 at the NHL level. He's brought his defensive game along a pretty solid degree from what I've seen. He put up nearly identical numbers to Drew last season in considerably less minutes. So at the end of the day, he might end up as good as or a bit better than Drew, but the risk has very little reward in that swap, imo.
You do realize that Stafford is 5 years older than Paajarvi and has played nearly 300 more games in the NHL than Paajarvi? It's silly to compare stats between them with that kind of huge spread - and even moreso when Stafford has been used primarily on the top 2 lines for most of his Sabre career whereas Paajarvi has been used mostly on the Oilers' bottom 2 lines. Stafford had his share of time in Ruff's doghouse on the 4th line just like Paajarvi had some hot stretches on the 1st line - but those were brief exceptions to their usual slotting in the respective lineups.

Has Paajarvi failed to live up to his pre-draft expectations? Yes - but at age 22 and only 2-1/2 seasons under his belt, the jury on what kind of player he'll become is still out. Stafford has more or less plateaued as to the kind of player he will ever be.

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