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Originally Posted by Sabretip View Post
You do realize that Stafford is 5 years older than Paajarvi and has played nearly 300 more games in the NHL than Paajarvi? It's silly to compare stats between them with that kind of huge spread - and even moreso when Stafford has been used primarily on the top 2 lines for most of his Sabre career whereas Paajarvi has been used mostly on the Oilers' bottom 2 lines.

Has Paajarvi failed to live up to his pre-draft expectations? Yes - but at age 22 and only 2-1/2 seasons under his belt, the jury on what kind of player he'll become is still out. Stafford has more or less plateaued as to the kind of player he will ever be.
Obviously I realize Stafford is older. It's not silly to compare because I stated who the better player now is. I very clearly said this, and I said Paajarvi can become the better player but it's more likely he becomes a similar player. That's not overly enticing. I've watched a ton of Oiler games the past 2 seasons, especially this year. I'm not against having Paajarvi on the team but he is an underwhelming option for such a (in some ways) physically talented player. I never stated nor implied Stafford will become a better player and I would like to see him moved. Paajarvi would not be my first option for what I imagine might be out there in return. I'd just as soon see Stafford used in part to move up back into the first if there's some team that wants an NHL-contributing winger as take Paajarvi. If they were to move him for Paajarvi then fine but you're not necessarily any better off than you would be keeping a veteran for the top 6.

Edit: Also, the only time I compared their stats was presented in favor of Paajarvi whilst negative for both, mentioning the fact they put up similar numbers this past season despite Paajarvi getting less ice time.

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