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If they comp 1900 tickets per game assuming a low 25.00 average for each that's 47,500 in lost revenue per home game. Or over 41 games 1.947 million dollars. Or the difference in a 3 mil a year player or 5 mil per year player so yes it is significant and way you look at it. If they don't comp the 1900 they lose out on a conservative 500k in concessions as well over the whole season. Comp tickets are great for the fans but does not help putting talent on the ice. All teams comp tickets but Most teams less then 500 per game.

Particularly on this board fans want the front office to spend like a large market but it is impossible to do without revenue. There are only a handful of arenas that seat fewer than the Bridgestone arena. To ice a consistent high preforming team spending to the cap at current prices this team needs 95% capacity PAID. That's an average of 16,200 per game. Short of that the ownership is in the red not something they will do for a long period of time.

So all the fake sellouts hurt the team like it or not.

And I guess Forbes evaluation of the teams financial status is Negitive Nancy also. In 2012 the best year this team has ever had they lost 3.4 million dollars.

You do not have to worry about it sure but most of us would like to see this team long term. We would also like to see top level talent on the ice, that would prove to be the best way to ensure the team remains. SO I guess I would rather be the negative Nancy than those fans who are like an ostrich with there head in the sand oblivious to whats actually happening. Not the sugar coated sellout out over the last two years.

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