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Originally Posted by Bluesman91 View Post
Halak has not done anything for St. Louis.
By what standard? As I'll detail in a bit, his regular season and playoff numbers have been almost spot on his career averages and more than good enough. He's only played 2 playoff games, so it's not like he's had much chance to disappoint in the playoffs. If playoff wins are your standard, Elliott has never won 4 playoff games in a postseason ever in spite of getting two cracks at it with the Blues, so I fail to see how he's done "more for the Blues" than Halak.

He won the Jennings 2 years ago because of how well the Blues were playing. Did you forget his start to that season? Jaro has lost his job to Elliott twice and Jake Allen once.
"Lost his job" is a harsh way to characterize things, for a number of reasons. For one, they tried making Halak a workhorse and it didn't go well, so they've been making an effort to limit his workload to something a bit lighter. In addition, he had the best season of his career the season he "lost his job" twice to Elliott (who just happened to be having one of the best goaltending seasons of all time behind that same team). What's more, in spite of all these times he's apparently lost his starting job, he keeps (according to your definition) repeatedly winning the job back since he's consitently starting more games than his competition.

Playoffs included, he's had a .916 save percentage and 2.23 GAA over his 121 games played in St. Louis. Those aggregate numbers are currently good for the top 10-15 range among goalies any given year. His career averages are .918 and 2.41, respectively, over 243 games played. The playoff subset of those numbers is a .923 save percentage and 2.42 GAA over 23 games played. In spite of his ups and downs, Halak is a defined entity in this league.

Elliott, on the other hand, has exactly 1 season (consisting of 38 games played) where he's even come close to topping those numbers. It was a truly outstanding run, but it's also so far out of character with what he's done in the other 184 games played in his career (2.76 GAA and .902 save percentage altogether, with a 2.55 GAA and .898 playoff subset over 18 games played) that it's extremely hard to rely on him to be "The Guy" moving forward.

Over the long haul, the numbers Halak puts up are good enough for a team to win it all. You can't say the same about Elliott. Toss on that Halak essentially stole two playoff series for Montreal and has gotten a team to the third round, and it's basically a no-brainer for me.

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