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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Thats like saying size wont be an issue for Gaudreau because he dominated in college.

His inability to separate his hips is a bio mechanical flaw that has serious limitations on his ability to skate linearly or laterally.

I feel that one of the reasons why he is able to appear as a good skater is becuase of his stride length and his athleticism, quick strides. However quick strides are not going to translate well in the nhl. What translates well to the nhl are powerful strides and getting maximum power output from that stride i.e. full range of motion.
That's all well and good but scouting reports say he's a plus skater and I'm sure they take all the stuff your talking about into consideration when projecting his game to the NHL. Furthermore, I'm sure teams employ kinesiologists for reasons just like this. Regardless Its something they can work on for sure but from what I've read about him this really isn't an issue, like at all.

And it's completely different than Gaudreau's situation. He's incredibly small even at lower levels but he overcame that with other tool. Zadorov didn't overcome poor skating at a lower level by compensating with other tools, infanct he's one of the best skating defensemen in the draft. He might need to change some stuff long term but I don't see how that's the same as Gaudreau. Gaudreau can't work on his height and he wasn't a big guy at any level. It's really not the same.

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