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06-22-2013, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Pass art by Brassard View Post

Since I also live in Europe, the draft is at night for me as well. I am not saying I will forget, but in case I do, is it possible to send you a PM with like a short list of players?

Then, when it's my turn, the highest available player on the short list, will be my pick. That might be a solution for KelownaRocketsFan as well.

It's a bit of extra work for you, but could make it easier for us, especially when we come to the later rounds of the draft.
It'll be no hassle at all, thanks for letting me know!

And yes, I also suggested KelownaRocketsFan to send me his list of players. Just send me list of eligible players you want until your pick and I'll pick the highest player.

Thanks again for letting me know, but don't forget to send me the list before the draft starts.

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