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06-23-2013, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by disgruntleddave View Post
Most people seem to be forgetting that teams are allowed to retain some salary in a trade.

Grabo's main knock against him is that his salary is too high. He still has value as a player. Trade him and retain a bit of salary and you're good.

If we manage to get someone for the 1C, especially if bozak goes, I fully expect grabo to be traded and don't see it unlikely that we'll retain something like 1M of his contract.
You retain the cap space along with the salary, so this doesn't really get you too much further ahead.

Example: say Grabo's "real" value is 3.5M. You retain 2M to make him tradeable, which frees up enough cap space to sign (wait for it) a 3.5M player.

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