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06-23-2013, 06:49 AM
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Buy low and Sell high candidates

Here's what I think people should keep an eye on.


Kovalchuk - He'll slip under the radar a bit but he's not exactly a buy low guy because his season wasn't bad. Still, for him he underachieved a bit (for him, anything below PPG is underachieving) and he's as close to a lock as you can get for a 70 point season. NJ is completely lacking in scoring threats so he'll see tons of ice-time and get plenty of chances.

Lupul - He'll slip under the radar because he hasn't been completely healthy in a while and only played like 11 or so games this season but he's been playing at over a PPG pace since joining the Leafs. Seems to have chemistry with that team and it's rounding out to a team with a good supporting cast offensively.

Spezza - Along the lines of the other guys, he will slip under the radar because he wasn't healthy for most of this season. He's also 30 and not a hot name even when he is doing his best. Still, he has the potential and capability to be a likely PPG candidate.

Gaborik - Seems to be over his injury problems and has played well for Columbus. He's not as good a candidate as these other ones I've mentioned (except maybe Lupul) but he's still a good option. 40 goal and PPG potential.

Enroth - If Miller gets moved only. Otherwise I doubt he'll have as much of a chance to take the reigns.

S. Mason - He has played well for Philly so far and has the potential as well as rookie season to suggest he can rebound outside of Columbus. Not worth paying a lot for but worth testing out.

Dubynk - He's a guaranteed starter and if you look at his stats he's posted decent stats on a crap team very quietly. This one's more of a long-term buy.

Eriksson - The guy was a 70 point forward before this season. Don't know why people are so sour on him.

Burns - One of the few D, W eligible players out there. Maybe the only one. Can play D or W and has a tendency to do well and put up points at both positions based on this season.

Perry - I doubt he'll revert back to Hart form but this is as low as he'll ever be to buy.

RNH - The kid had an amazing rookie season, amazing draft pedigree, and plays with maturing studs around his age. He's only 20 and hasn't even had a full season so I don't know why people are giving up on him easily.

Skinner - Similar thing as RNH. People being blinded by injuries.


Datsyuk - The guys up there in age and he might have several seasons left of great production but he's certainly not going to get any better and there's definitely an aging risk. Once players get to a certain age they get really hard to sell off too because nobody wants someone like that via trade.

St. Louis - Same really. Except he's even older so people might not even be willing to spend a lot to get him.

Kunitz - He's 33 and this season was his first season with the Pens above PPG and he's never had anywhere near that goal production. Just sticks out as a giant outlier in his career stat sheet.

Krejci - This guy always does well in the playoffs and never lights it up in the regular season heavily.

JVR - Others will disagree, but he's coming off his best season yet and that still wasn't anywhere near where he should be. People still have faith in him for some reason and his new start encourages that. I've watched him as a Philly fan for a long time and between that and my fantasy hockey instincts I think he's a sell high candidate.

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