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06-23-2013, 09:00 AM
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I went changed my hollow from a 1/2" to a 5/8" and went to another puck shoot with my brother. I didnt practice stoping much(I should have). But with the new hollow I can definitely "feel" the edges now. With the 1/2" the ice skates felt like roller blades... grip, all the time, at nearly every angle/tilt of the blade of the skate. Zero need for any kind of finess for turning or crossovers. With the new hollow, I can definitely feel a loss of grip when I get my blades near vertical, and turning/crossovers actually take some edge control. BTW im about 210lbs with equipment.

Me and my brother signed up for an adult intramural league and it starts tonight. All the games are on Sunday nights, there are 3 time slots, you sign up for a time slot(30 players per slot), and on the first night when you go there they divide the 30 people into 2 teams and give you jerseys. That night you play a game. For the next 9 Sundays you play with the same team against the other 5 teams in one of the 3 Sunday night time slots. It is a fully reffed non-checking league. It seemed to be the most beginner league they offered... even more beginner than a normal D/E division. Also, if you sign up again after this season is over (10 games), you do the same thing again as far as selecting teams, so teams do not stay the same.

Wish me luck!

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