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Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
What anyone does in one single season without context of what actually lies behind the success is certainly not enough to be deemed as evidence of a good coaching strategy. What one must accomplish is to systematically and consistently utilize the strength of the players and of the team to produce success. Did John Tortorella utilize the strength of his players? I don't think he did a good job of that throughout his post 2004 lockout coaching and his tenure in NY, obviously. Was his system the reason why we got to become the number one team in the conference two years ago? I don't think it was. Was his success consistent from season to season and from situation to situation? I don't think it was either.

The 10X point season two years ago has a lot to do with Henrik Lundqvist. Of course, it's hard to be a top team without a top goalie but I think a top goalie was the only quality our team had that could put us on top of the conference standings. If you plot an above average goalie in there with a GAA of 2.30 in there as opposed to henrik's 1.96, that's another extra 28 goals in a 82 game season. The amount of close games we played? 28 goals against would pretty much put us back to 6-8th territory based on the play of the defense and offense.

The work of John Tortorella, or any coach for that matter should be taken in consideration without the peripheral details. it's hard to convince anyone that Torts' system is one that is worthy of praise.

Your point is well taken, but I think it will be interesting to see what Henrik's numbers look like with a differnet dzone system. I see a lot of posts about how he "won't get scored on by so many deflections / screens" implying that his GAA will actually get better. It could happen but I certainly would not predict that. With more odd man rushes from trying to push the pace, and more odd man situations down low in the dzone without collapsed forwards, I think you will see quality chances against go up even if shots are down.

Barring an absolutely super human effort by Lundqvist next year, I fully expect that incremental offense will come at some sort of cost in terms of GA. Will it be minimal enough to get some more wins? I hope so. That's the goal. But I definitely would argue that Torts' system helped Henrik's numbers and as such you can't look at them in a vaccum.

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