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Originally Posted by WestCoastLeafs View Post
You retain the cap space along with the salary, so this doesn't really get you too much further ahead.

Example: say Grabo's "real" value is 3.5M. You retain 2M to make him tradeable, which frees up enough cap space to sign (wait for it) a 3.5M player.
But its not going to be just a 1 for 1 deal because you are buying down his contract, and increasing his value.

If you retained the maximum 50% you would be offering a player who's 82 game scoring before this season was 50, 48, 58, and 56pts at salary of $2.75 million. You would have 29 teams lined up for your "cap relief" program and his market value would be higher than if you were trading him after his 58 point season.

Then you go out and sign a defensive forward at $2.75 which is almost double what McClement cost and he fills Grabo's role more perfectly because he is a checking guy, and not a miscast offensive forward, plus you have a 1st round pick in your pocket, or some similar valued asset. It's that asset that makes spending the money a workable idea.

The above is an extreme example, and I am not saying they would want to retain the max salary, but every significant bit they do keep adds to his trade value. That is just another way they can use their free cap space, and a year from now, with no Komi, Grabo, Liles, Army or Tucker, they would have no bad money left on the books, so a million or two would have no significant affect on their operations.

A club signing Weiss or trading for Stastny is going to pay a lot more than $4 million, and would still be doing this in the hopes that last season was just a bad dream. A club signing Ribeiro will be paying well above $5 million so they will get the better guy but at a huge premium. With this years cap there are a lot more clubs that can afford a $4 million dollar guy than a $6 million guy. There are some clubs with center problems that are absolutely up against it, and a $3.5 Grabo would look like gift to them.

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