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06-23-2013, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by SergeConstantin74 View Post
I hope you meant less potential...
No I meant more potential. Feel free to think else-wise

Stats don't lean that way, but Desjardins has never played with a guy like Couturier either.

Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I would assume that they were just invited, would seem to be a little odd to sign them to NHL contracts right before the development camp.

That link to the roster also has players on it that are no longer in the organization like Patrick Johnson (who was never signed to begin with so no clue why he's listed).

agreed on the tryout part, but the Habs are at 38 contract currently although 3 of those should slid and 1 should be bought out. That leaves 34 contracts, with 6 UFA's, 8 RFA's. So depending on how many won't be back from the 14 expired contracts, we'll see how close they are to 50 but my guess would be at least half of those contracts won't be re-signed, leaving the Habs around the 40 mark. So they should have a few open contract spots to fill at some point this off-season.

2 of the 3 went undrafted, the other unsigned (much like Delmas and J.P.-Cote were when we signed them)

The interesting thing to me about Gabriel Desjardins is that perhaps the Habs liked what they saw from his teammate, Jean-Sebastien Dea who was passed over at the 2012 draft but perhaps after the season he just had he won't get passed again. Though I've never seen him so just going off the big jump in stats from his rookie year last season to this past season.

I would think they'd prefer the play of Andrighetto, who was carrying Dea pretty hard.

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