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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
Thanks...any issues with Huffy? The reviews on them seem to be all over the board.

I'm really trying to keep the cost down, but they seem to be decent options for what I'd pay. A half-decent treadmill isn't going to be that much less and ellipticals are far better for someone with arthritis. When I was at my healthiest/fittest/actually skinny it was because I had regular access to one of those, which hasn't happened in the past year and a half and my back has fallen to ****, which of course was followed by some unwelcome weight gain...I was contemplating a gym membership, but that's just not going to happen, not when it involves commuting across Hollywood. The only way to make sure I actually use a machine is if I have no excuse not hour round-trip is way too good of an excuse for me

(except instead of Liz Lemon I look like Zach Galifianakis and I'm chewing on a steak)
The one I have is definitely nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. It's got a non-backlit display on it that is very basic. It takes forever to get your weight entered when you use the programs because it only has an up and down arrow, but it remembers the weight after you enter it. Unfortunately, my wife and I both use it and since she is a foot shorter, her weight is much lower, so we always have to adjust it back and forth. Usually I will just leave it on her weight, as it makes the calorie burn count slower so I feel more motivated to push harder. It has a lot of different programs and a large number of resistance settings.

That said, I greatly prefer the gym ellipticals over mine. The major difference is that the ones at the gym have like a cushioned pedal that slightly flexes down when you push on it to cushion your stride a little bit. The Schwinn does not have that. The pedals at the gym seem to be made of a rubber. These are plastic. The ones at the gym have varying handle positions, these are stuck in one standard position. Mine has no fan. I think some of these newer ones do have a fan. The ones at the gym calculate your heart rate in like 3 seconds. This takes about 30 seconds to get it right. The ones at the gym have TVs and ipod docks. These appear to have some kind of speakers, but mine had none.

But for like $550 - $600, it's a very reasonable alternative, and it's a great workout. I can ramp up the difficulty settings on mine to levels that I struggle with, and I am in great shape and have very strong legs. It's nice to be able to exercise in your own home too, when you need to. But, it's also easy not to exercise once I go home, so I almost always stick to the gym.

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