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Originally Posted by The Doors View Post
I somewhat agree with you, but I don't think that's entirely the case. I think there's something to be said for the team needing many more strong, physical players plugged into the lineup in many areas. I want s playoff team not one that excels in February. Bourque is the only intimidating regular with top six skill and they nearly lost him for the year. The guys on this team that are supposed to play that way straight up don't. There is such an obvious lack of a big forward on the top six especially after Cole turned into Ryder turned into nothing presently.

It would be nice to see a roster full of collective team toughness and strength for once instead of watching the few physical players on the team try but get get overworked. Desharnais and Gionta in the top six for a whole season is disastrous against a physical playoff defence. The other team in the East will work hard to improve their weaknesses while Bergevin signs a #7 defenceman to be Therrien's #4 and a beer league scoring leader to a four year deal.

It's alright to have some small players, even some "soft" players but they should be the exception whereas on the Habs they are the norm.
Kinda' sounds like we're saying the same thing. I want to add more physical players for the same reason you do: To win games in the playoffs. The only thing that changes in the playoffs -- as we're seeing -- is the refs back off further and further from the rulebook and let the bar for borderline hits sink lower and lower. Basically, if the cops have deserted their posts and it's mob-rules, I want the Habs to give as good as they get. For that we need more size. Again, I don't think adding those extra pounds and inches will prevent injuries, but I want those extra pounds and inches on our mob to counter the incursions from other team's mob. For me, it's all about functional-size that prevents scoring chances on us and creates chances on them.

See, if it's all about the playoffs it's ironic that we're drooling over UFAs like Nathan Horton and Ryan Clowe, who have been compromised during the playoffs because of chronic injuries. Big & tough often has nothing to do with durable.

Now Bickell is another story!

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