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06-23-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by superhenderson13 View Post
as a penguins fan, im not ready to give up on MAF.

what im ready to give up on is the MAF/Dan Bylsma marriage.

this is a pair that will never work for the penguins.

MAF needs a system where his defense covers their assignments like blankets and keeps traffic out of his crease. his athletic ability is second to none, but what gets him in trouble is his positioning. that is why vokoun played so well for the penguins, he is the complete opposite. he isn't the athlete he used to be, but his positioning is one of the best in the league.

bylsma's run and gun offensive system leaves goalies out to dry more times than not. MAF is not a guy who can play with no defensive structure in front of him.

MAF is a good goalie, it is no fluke that he went to the cup twice and won one. the reason is that those two years were the years that the penguins were playing their most defensive hockey since MAF came to Pitt.

if you get a better system, MAF can survive. If you keep bylsma's system, there is no point in keeping MAF.

and I don't want to trade him now if we are going to. his value is extremely low right now. would be better to wait.

If positioning is in fact the difference between MAF and TV, then you are blaming the wrong coach.

However, here is why I disagree with your post.
1) An athletic goalie will always have a better chance at stopping a defensive meltdown than a "technique" guy. Look at NYR for example. When the Rangers play great D, Hank is just about unbeatable because of his positioning, technique, etc. It's when their defensive system breaks down that Hank becomes vulnerable. Position guys flourish in a defensive system.

2) If MAF simply couldn't perform due to Bylsma's system, MAF wouldn't be able to be as good as he is in the regular season. The fact that he can perform in the regular season, and not in the playoffs lately, would indicate more of a mental issue with the playoffs, rather than some technique flaw or being in an inappropriate system.

MAF has the tools to play behind any defensive system....he just needs to get his mental game in focus.

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