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Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
The fact that he failed to complete a trade for Bernier is a reason to call for his head.
Every move Homer has made so far this offseason is questionable at best.

Signing another 35+ contract on Streit, and passing on Bernier.
LOL. I can see another Holmgren offseason failure like last year.

Not much chance he will redeem himself, he seems content to hold onto
overvalued assets than fix the mess he created.
If he gave up what LA probably wanted from us then odds are you and others would have *****ed to no end. He stayed patient and didn't get himself into a bidding war.

He has his faults, no denying that but with some of you's the guy just can't win no matter what.

Can you name these overvalued assets too? If by that do you mean possibly Read and a 2nd rounder? If so then why does barely anyone on here want to give Read up and why do people constantly lose their **** when we trade 2nd rounders?

I guess Homer isn't the only "over-valuing" these assets. It's seems like the fan base is too going by that logic.

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