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06-23-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Aside maybe from Prust and Tinordi, sometimes Moen (when he feels like it), who exactly in that line-up is at an advantage during a scrum?
Exactly my point. It's something that needs to be fixed. And we don't need to be the biggest team, but do we always have to be pushed around the way we've been?

Back in the 80s we didn't have a team packed with superstars but we had big strong players who were never, ever pushed around. That team was similar to the Bruins in that it played a defensive system and had tough grinders throughout.

We don't have this anymore. We can't grind out victories because we don't have grinders. We have smaller players who rely totally on speed alone. It doesn't work, esp in the playoffs when the refs put their whistles away.

Do you remember the Leaf game this past year? Gionta's out there and the Leafs have a bunch of goons. Bourque (who's not a tough guy himself) has to rush to his defense... and winds up getting smoked himself. It's just pathetic.

We need guys who can at least somewhat take care of themselves out there.
Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Why pick on our best goals' scorer in the last few years instead of someone who doesn't put up those numbers?
Well, I would've gotten rid of DD but that's not an option as we just signed him for four years. Gallagher isn't going anywhere. That leaves Plecs and Gionta. Gionta's older, at the end of his deal and would bring something in return. We're not dealing Plecs anyway so what else do we do here?

We can't just keep going back to the well with the same group. We're too small. It's a fact. MB knows it, so do the fans. We won't win this way. Sometimes you have to make hard choices and this is one of them. Time to close the chapter and move on. Like I said, it was a mistake to sign all those guys to begin with. All we did was postpone the rebuild, lose McDonaugh and waste five years in the process. No reason to continue with this. Turn the page and move on already.

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