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01-07-2004, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by looooob
salary is a HUUUGEE issue. this is the team that kept Montador over Commodore because of a few hundred K, waived Jason Morgan to save his NHL salary and had to STRETCH to add Kiprusoff....1.4 M for half a year of Perreault is a big deal, and we wouldn't trade a 3rd rounder for the pleasure of the Habs picking up his salary.

besides Reinprecht is back now, and Conroy next week. we don't need Perreault at the expense of any tangible assets
Hmmm, perhaps I am insensitive to the Flames' financial situation. But I was thinking of a few additional factors:

1. The strength of the Canadian dollar, which has gained nearly ten cents since late August. This translates into a 10% reduction in salary and some travel costs. For a budget of 30 or so million, well, do the math.

2. The insurance coverage for the mid to long-term injuries (mostly Turek). It doesn't cover everything, but it certainly defrays the cost considerably. And those other cost-cutting measures might be precisely to free up a little bit of money to add a player.

3. The presumed additional revenue, if slight, from increased attendance and a possible playoff appearance.

So it seems that a portion of 1.4 million is certainly do-able, even for the Flames.

But whatever, if they have a little bit of salary room, they might be better off adding someone else other than Perreault, especially with the return of Reinprecht and Conroy.

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