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Originally Posted by Darcy Regier View Post
Darcy Regier has said their are 6 elite players available, MacKinnon, Jones, Barkov and Drouin are almost assured to be in that group. The other two could potentially be Lindholm, Monahan, Nichushkin. Seeing as Devine stated that Nichushkin plays like a Malkin and said in his interview that after Nichushkin you would have Lindholm that makes me think that the Sabres elite 6 are


If Lindholm and Nichushkin are on that list then Monahan should be there as well. If they truly believe these are the top 6 then you could either stay at 8 and hope Nichushkin is there or move up to 5 and have your pick between Lindholm, Nichushkin and even Monahan. Carolina trading out of that pick seems like a strong possibility. It probably takes 8 + 52 + LAs 2014 2nd to make Carolina budge, they want a top 4 Dman in return but won't get it.
What interview did he say this in? Not saying he didn't say it, I just have never heard him say anything about Nichushkin and I'd be interested in listening to what he said.

Originally Posted by stokes84 View Post
I still don't want ROR. I want guys that can skate.
When was the last time you saw him play? His skating has improved tenfold since he entered the league. I wouldn't classify him as a good/great skater, but the improvement he's made since his rookie year is huge.

Also, David Krejci is in all likelihood going to lead the playoffs in points and potentially goals, and he's a guy who's not considered a very good skater. It's something you can overcome with good hockey IQ, which O'Reilly definitely has.

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