Thread: Rumor: Wild interested in Fleury
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06-23-2013, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogelthorpe View Post
If positioning is in fact the difference between MAF and TV, then you are blaming the wrong coach.

However, here is why I disagree with your post.
1) An athletic goalie will always have a better chance at stopping a defensive meltdown than a "technique" guy. Look at NYR for example. When the Rangers play great D, Hank is just about unbeatable because of his positioning, technique, etc. It's when their defensive system breaks down that Hank becomes vulnerable. Position guys flourish in a defensive system.

2) If MAF simply couldn't perform due to Bylsma's system, MAF wouldn't be able to be as good as he is in the regular season. The fact that he can perform in the regular season, and not in the playoffs lately, would indicate more of a mental issue with the playoffs, rather than some technique flaw or being in an inappropriate system.

MAF has the tools to play behind any defensive system....he just needs to get his mental game in focus.
People like to point to MAF's regular seasons as though they stand out in some sort of way but they really don't. At least from what I've seen as a Flyers fan and the stats available. He usually posts somewhere around a .910 to .915 save percentage.

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