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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
You say that Torts held the Rangers back. They finished 1st in the conference last year and made it to the Conference finals.

It is absolutely fair to then ask you if the Rangers would have won the Cup with a "Better" coach.

If you answer Yes, I will choose to disagree.

If you answer No, then what does your evaluation mean?

If you answer something else, in my opinion, that is avoiding the question.

You do realize that your use of 80 and 90% are make believe numbers based on nothing verifiable?
In terms of terminology, "holding back" is fairly loaded. When a coach who is suppose to propel a team is said to be holding a team back, it's quite dramatic.

Having that said, Torts did in fact hold the Rangers back this past season. The Eastern conference finish two seasons ago was to Torts's credit. Neither is completely on Torts however.

Asking whether a team would have won a cup with a better coach is unfair because you're just setting me up to counter me in a straw man. If I say, yes we would have, you can easily question my judgement on NYR's capability and my apparently harsh judgement of Torts. If I say no, then you can easily say what is wrong with Torts then, if a different coach cannot win the cup either and Torts's efforts to get to the ECF and ECSF in the past two year is probably as close as one can get to, within reason, without winning the cup.

Am I avoiding the question? The question is loaded and a set up and you know it and that's why you are explicitly stating the "avoiding the question" clause. It's no good.

You're forcing an answer of "Do you think NSA should spy on citizens for reason of national security?"Yes or No?

If you say yes, then you disregard the rights and freedoms and ethics and morals.

If you say no, then you are unpatriotic and place the security of the lives of citizens at stake.

the 80% and 90% statement is conceptual, not empirical or factual.

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