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Originally Posted by IslesRock4 View Post
Nice double standard. If we're just going to refer to Cizikas as a 4th rounder, why are we referring to Bernier as a #1 goaltender?

There are many other options in net. Cizikas and Martin are the type of players you need to win a Stanley Cup. You see it every year with the teams that make it deep into the playoffs. Just because they may be 4th liners or mid round draft picks does not mean they're dime a dozen. You can't teach character + work ethic.

I mean when someone nails it...They really nail it. God bless this post.

I know it's probably human nature for a fan of a team with 20 years of futility to want them to get involved and make a big splash with a big signing or trade - Especially when that player in question fills a big need. However as some knowledgable posters here have already pointed out...Bernier has some promise, but is far from proven and being way overrated in terms of his CURRENT value.

Others here have a personal dig with Nino and figured a Nino for Bernier swap was a natural fit. I'm quite happy that those people are not GM of the Isles.

There are many ways to skin a cat and I think we can all agree that Snow knows he has to address the goalie situation. Losing out on Bernier (if Snow was ever presenting a serious offer) means literally squat in terms of our improving our Cup chances as long as the issues is dealt with at some point..

What hurts our Cup chances is the fact that our owner wont green light REAL SPENDING on talent. That means spending closer to the cap ceiling then the cap floor. There's something we should all be upset at...Not at "losing" out on a goalie who's played about 60 games overall in the NHL and has a grand total of 9 playoff SAVES.

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