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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
I'd expect the Bruins to have more in the tank, considering they showed no push through the first 40 minutes of the game, pretty much the same case as Game 2. This time Chicago had their insurance goal, and they needed it. Funny to see the team that dominated for 40 minutes get chastised as usual while the team that didn't show up until it was too late gets the seal of approval.

Bergeron and Toews are both equally important to their teams, regardless of who anyone thinks is the superior player. Toews is +4 in the series by the way, Bergeron is -2. Toews has been significantly more effective at even strength, and has kept the leading scorer in the playoffs largely at bay. The only people criticizing Toews for a crappy postseason are those who prefer to stare at scoring stats as opposed to evaluating how well a player has filled the role given to him by the coach. Outside of three games in the Detroit series, Toews has done what his coach has expected from him.
Hawks are full value for leading the series, don't get me wrong. The scoreline tells the story and the Bruins are arguably even getting better goaltending.

Its on the Bruins, if they lose this series, that they did so by letting the Hawks get out of the straightjacket that Boston had been administering until game 4. The trouble is when you let lethal goal scorers start to score they don't usually stop. Kane is on top of his game and confident now. That kind of stuff is the Bruins fault. They had a 2-1 game lead in series, a home game staring at them, and ****ing blew it. (I only phrase it that way because Boston was not in any way playing their typical playoff game in game 4) They weren't playing how they played the rest of the series.

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