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06-23-2013, 10:58 PM
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The cynical side of me says this is just optics and they've intended to trade him before or at the draft all along and this makes it look like they tried to do everything to keep him here. Sam served us well but we have shinier prospects more deserving of big money now. Any negotiations period will help his trade value. He could fetch a lot of our needs on D and the 3rd line and maybe prospects for picks on top of an NHLer. Or maybe they think they could catch a really big fish if they package him with the 7th overall.

But there's a funny little voice in my head that makes me think that there's a trade in place to send him to the Blackhawks and they're just waiting for the finals to be over to do it. Chicago has had some wingers emerge and could sorely use someone like him to dish the puck to them. They know what he's done with Patrick Kane, the were victims of his 8 point night playing with Hall and Ebs.

The Hawks also have a lot of what we need. We were chasing Mark McNeill a couple of years ago too and maybe we still want him. For the Hawks I think it would make an already great team even greater and he's be locked up with a new deal at 4-5 mil for a long time. Maybe for them long term he would even take a bit of a discount compared to the open market or the Oilers.

Sam's a guy that will have different value to different teams. Worthless to some, highly sought after to others short of puck movers. While he's only consistently been a 40-50 point guy here, there are lots of guys that get 50 points in this league and then completely fall off the map. He's done it consistently and some teams might think he's capable of more on their team.

It will be interesting to see where he lands and what he gets and if he lands back here I'm great with that. But I have a feeling that at his price tag he's moving on.

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