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06-24-2013, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by gallagt01 View Post
I can't see any teams adding Miller at the deadline.

I'm especially interested in Read if a Vanek trade is indeed imminent. While Read will come nowhere near replicating the offense Vanek provides, he'll, at the very worst, be a nice stopgap while the kids develop (20 goals, quality two-way play).

Nothing wrong with adding a player whose hard-working demeanor and own zone commitment may set an example for younger players.

Miller, 16 for Read, 11?
Based on what Bernier netted - a roster player, a prospect and a 2nd round pick - one has to think that Regier will be able to extract more for Miller - especially when two teams that seemed like possible destinations Miller would accept a trade to (Philly and Minnesota) were rumored to be interested in Bernier. Of the goalies on the market, I can't see Holmgren being interested in Luongo or Backstrom nor going back to Emery. It also seems he won't stick with Bryzgalov. Miller to Philly suddenly sounds more plausible - and Regier may try to net Couturier.

Miller + 8th for Couturier + 11th?

Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post

I could have sworn in one of the articles Chevy was more direct mentioning Burmistrov and the pick situation by word of mouth. Still, TSN is a prime source so there is no doubt at all that Regier turned down Burmi for Staff.
Other than the one TSN report that specifically mentioned Stafford's and Burmistrov's names, I didn't see any other media reports about the trade nor quotes from the GMs and principals involved.

Originally Posted by Revelate View Post
I think the Oilers would be the ones taking the biggest risk in this deal.
They would - but given MacTavish's pledges to make some changes beyond just shedding Horcoff and Hemsky, he'll have to give up something to get some replacements. With their young core in place, the Oilers seem able to part with Paajarvi. The question is really how interested their management is in Stafford vs. how interested the Edmonton media is in Stafford. His name seems to have been connected to the Oilers for years now and it can't be just because of his uncle being an equipment manager.

Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
Burmistrov, which is a deal we know actually was being discussed, is someone I might prefer over Paajarvi, but it's pretty even. Burmistrov has had pretty much the same career as Paajarvi, though they're very different players.

I'd be content bringing either in but there's serious question if either will even eventually become as good as Drew, which is obviously not good when Drew's hardly great himself.
While I think Paajarvi has the higher untapped potential, landing either Paajarvi or Burmistrov for Stafford would represent an improvement to the roster IMO. Stafford has flat-lined and seems destined to be what he's shown the past 2 seasons.

Originally Posted by DJN21 View Post
This team needs to decide what is happening with Vanek before they can decide whats happening with stafford. They cant lose both and have ennis and ott be their first line wingers.
I think Stafford is far more expendable than Vanek and hardly the kind of insurance the Sabres should keep if they do trade Vanek.

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